oCam a main function list   
oCam a main function list

When you run the program, you can see a screen similar to the following. 

To briefly explain to the button that corresponds to each feature, and are as follows. 

- Record

When you press this button, the recording will start immediately. The recorded video can be displayed by pressing the "Open" button.

- Capture

Capture the screen.

- Open

Open Windows Explorer to the folder where the image is recorded.

- Options

Set detailed functionality of the program.

You can make settings for audio recording, and setting of the shortcut of the program. 

- Codecs

You can set the codec to record when you press the record button in oCam. 

Basic codec is "Microsoft MPEG-4 Part 2", Windows Media Player for it is the default player that is provided on Windows also renewable, it is codec that can be played on media players of all other. 

- Info

View information about the program.

- Record Area Window

Small square box and a big recording box. And there is an icon to drag form in the middle. 

Big box is the capture area or recording,

Modest square box can be used to adjust the size of the capture area and recording by dragging,

Icon, you can move the position of the capture area or recording in the form of a drag.